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League of Legends Show Open 2021

"Every year, one of the highlights of the League of Legends World Championship is the opening ceremonies. It’s been a regular chance for developer Riot to create a real-world spectacle ahead of the big game. In the past that’s meant everything from holographic musical performances to an appearance from an augmented reality K-pop group. In 2021, though, things went in a different direction.

What premiered before Worlds’ championship match was essentially a 13-minute-long short film that combined animation, music videos, and physical sets. It featured a handful of performances from the likes of Imagine Dragons and Bea Miller, interspersed with animated vignettes from Arcane, which debuts on Netflix this evening. The idea of mixing live-action and CG isn’t exactly new, but part of what makes the Worlds event work so well is the sprawling real-world sets designed to look like Zaun and Piltover, two iconic cities from League (which are featured prominently in the Netflix show)."

- the Verge

Lead Stylist & Costume Designer Athena Lawton
Key Stylist for PRVIS, JID and Imagine Dragons Joey Thao

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