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Romeo & Juliet


William Shakespeare’s classic tale of two star-crossed lovers, produced by Rebel Mars Co, and co-directed by company members Rachel Shull, Zachary Reeve Davidson and Eddie Lynch.

Inspired by the constant use of “star," "night” and “dream” imagery within the text, the scenery consisted of hung bedsheets that encapsulated the audience and performers in a small and intimate space. The costumes were designed as a hybrid of Italian Renaissance and pajamas, with some influence from the Rider Waite tarot deck. Each cast member other than Romeo and Juliet doubled as two contrasting roles. For example: Tybalt doubled as the Nurse, the Prince doubled as Peter, and Benvolio doubled as Paris. Through color palette, silhouette and fabric choices, the costuming explored how age and class functioned in the mechanics of this tragedy.

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