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League of Legends World Championship 2018 

The tournament's opening ceremony received significant attention, with over 90 million concurrent viewers tuning in for the performance. An augmented reality K-pop group, K/DA was unveiled by Riot Games during the ceremony, with Soyeon and Miyeon from (G)I-dleMadison Beer and Jaira Burns representing the group as its human counterpart and in the live performance of the finals. K/DA topped global music charts after the initial release of their debut song "Pop/Stars", receiving considerable attention online and raking in one of the fastest viewership records for its music video on Youtube. "RISE" is the tournament's theme song, put together by three different music groups / artist - The Glitch MobMako andThe Word Alive.

The costumes for Soyeon, Miyeon, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns were designed to reflect the styling of their Augmented reality counterparts.

Each of the performers in RISE had custom designed jackets that reflect the branding of the event and they lyrics of the song.

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